Hello! My name is Angela, but you can call me Angi. I am an artist born in Costa Rica,ever curious of exploring the world in which we exists, and the worlds that can be created through art.

I’m an interdisciplinary artist, with roots in Visual Development for animation. My work always consists of a mixture of storytelling and design through the mediums of digital painting,traditional sculpture and 2d animation.

The work I create is about exploring the limits between reality and fantasy, and how overcoming this division between the two worlds affects us as humans. Who is to tell what reality is? Perhaps the words “fantasy” and “reality” mean the same in my world.

The mayor inspiration behind my work is to look beyond what is in front of our eyes,always scouting for something more to discover. Or trying to show what we could have seen,if only we looked a little longer.

Traditional folklore and its roots in cultures throughout humanity is also a topic that is often delved into with my creations.

Every stroke that I make I make it with my whole heart. I believe that art can be infused with feelings, and so,all of my best efforts are put into creating each single piece for my projects!



EDUCATION and work


OCT 2013: Graduated with honours for innovative graduation project, “The art and creation of Sorgirak” , where I created an art book for an imaginary 3D animated short. 


 MOTIVARTI Fall program 2012 : Won a spot in the competitive mentoring program taught by film industry professionals. Mentored by Craig Elliott. 

MOTIVARTI Spring program 2015 :  Mentored by Thomas Scholes. 




OCT-NOV 2014- CASA GARABATO: Taught a one month workshop on digital painting .


FEB-MAR 2015- SANTA GRAFICA: Taught a two month workshop on digital painting .




AUG-NOV 2015- ARTIST IN ASO: Selected artist in aworldwide competition to win an art residency for the Government of Kumamoto Prefecture,Japan.



NOV 2018- Concept artist for Cookie Jam Blast.

OCT2016-MAY 2017BIG BIG SUN: Concept artist for the upcoming Chinese animated feature film, "The Red Ocean"


SEPT 2015- MATTEL INC: work for undisclosed project.


JAN-JUL 2015- ALAN KNITTEL: Illustrator and character designer for unreleased project.


OCT 2014-JUL 2015 LINE CORP: Sticker packs for LINE online messaging application for LINE Latin America.


SEP 2014-ALLAN KNITTEL: Developed character designs for story movie pitch.


AUG 2014- JORDAN FREDA COMPANY: Created storyboards used for product treatment pitch for Breathometer.



APR 2014- JUL 2015 THE LAUNCH PAD TLP: Created character designs and illustrations for the institution’s new image.



Created characters and environments, as well as simple animation for independent game developer Tyler Wright.



NOV 2013-LECHES DOS PINOS CHRISTMAS VILLAGE with TEAH DIGITAL: Created and designed illustrations for Leches Dos Pinos 2013 Christmas Campaign.